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Uncharted territory and outrageous possibilities: The state of world feed crops in mid 2012
America's corn inventories falling to 10 million tonnes and its stocks-to-use ratio falling below 3% is no longer impossible
. Corn and soy markets are entering uncharted territory, full of deep implications.
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World soy output anticipates rebound in 2012-13

The 2012-13 marketing year can expect to see world soy production recovers by around 12% to 266 million tonnes, the International Grains Council said in its first forecast for the next season.
World's aquaculture output may rise 33% in coming years

As healthy and nutritious food gains popularity while fishing deteriorates, aquaculture output is anticipated to rise 33% over the next decade, helping to meet the world's growing demand for fish, the United Nations' food agency said on Monday (July 9).
Global corn's 2012-13 prices likely to fall on improved China crop outlook

As the production of China's commodity is likely to improve on increased rains in northeast provinces, global corn prices may drop marginally in 2012-13.
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Indonesia prepares regions for Australia cattle farms following investment

Indonesia has revealed the preparations of four regions which were underway to host Australia's cattle farms, after the 'latter's pledge of a US$100 million investment to the former's cattle industry.
India's wheat may hit new contract high on anticipated shipment rise

Following a surge in global prices of the commodity, Indian wheat futures are likely to hit new contract high this week on expected rise in shipments.
Thailand to take integrated approach to become Asean's ethanol hub

In order for Thailand to become an ethanol hub in Asean, the government should come up with an integrated approach to promote ethanol consumption.
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China's 2012 winter wheat crop reaches record level

China's winter wheat harvest for 2012, which is 3% higher on-year, has reached record 114.3 million tonnes.
USDA ups China's rapeseed imports outlook

Noting a boost both from the imposition of one set of trade curbs and the easing in another, US agriculture staff raised estimates for China's rapeseed imports.
China to build aquaculture research centre

China will build an aquaculture research centre in the city of Sansha in the South China Sea.
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France's Doux gets 11 takeover bids

Threatening the livelihood of 3,400 workers and 800 farmers in France, poultry group Doux has attracted 11 takeover offers, unions at the firm said.
France's Tereos, DuPont to develop betaine production

A new plant for the production of betaine, a food additive for pigs and poultry, at Tereos' site in Origny Saint Benoite, northern France has been officially opened Monday (July 9) by French sugar, ethanol and starch maker Tereos and US conglomerate DuPont.
Dreyfus faces lawsuit on inflating cotton prices

In one of the highest-profile commodity trading cases in a decade, a second plaintiff has filed a lawsuit accusing Louis Dreyfus of inflating cotton prices last year.
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China Methionine Weekly: Demand slack despite new price low (week ended Jul 8, 2012)
China Corn Weekly: Market stays firm on dwindling supply (week ended Jul 6, 2012)
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China Broiler Weekly: Markets soften on slow chicken demand (week ended Jul 10, 2012)
Thai Broiler Weekly: EU delays by nearly two months entry of raw chicken from Thailand (week ended Jul 6, 2012)
Thai Feed Weekly: Thai corn prices may fall sharply on bumper harvest (week ended Jul 2)
Thai Shrimp Weekly: US$18-million state subsidy shores up Thai shrimp prices only slightly (week ended Jul 5, 2012)
Philippine hog weekly: Farmgate hog price on upward trend (week ended Jul 3, 2012)
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Longitudinal study on transmission of MRSA CC398 within pig herds


Since the detection of MRSA CC398 in pigs in 2004, it has emerged in livestock worldwide. MRSA CC398 has been found in people in contact with livestock and thus has become a public health issue. Data from a large-scale longitudinal study in two Danish and four Dutch pig herds were used to quantify MRSA CC398 transmission rates within pig herds and to identify factors affecting transmission between pigs.


Our results indicate that MRSA CC398 is able to spread and persist in pig herds, resulting in an endemic situation. Transmission rates are affected by the use of selective antimicrobials and by the age of pigs.

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