Senin, 23 Juli 2012


Global Grain & Oilseed Markets: Trends in China's oilseed consumption and sourcing
Domestic supplies and prices have been sacrificed to sustain corn output. Output has peaked but diversification efforts are constrained by rapeseed's own scarcity.
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Global food prices up amid US drought
Global food prices have skyrocketed in recent days due to a severe drought experienced by more than half of the US continent.
Global coarse grain production forecast down for 2012-13
Mostly due to sharply reduced prospects for US corn, global coarse grain production forecast for 2012-13 is down 48 million tonnes this month to 1,183.6 million, according to the USDA Feed Outlook published on July 13.
EU beef production facing serious decline
With falling beef productions, beef export capacity may be severely affected in 2012 and 2013, according to the Short Term Outlook for arable crop, meat and dairy markets published by the European Commission.
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Asia grain buyers to source for non-US grain due to drought
The severe US Midwest drought is likely to push Asian buyers towards grains from non-US origins.
Indonesia's chicken meat sellers rally on meat price
After the staggering price hike of chicken meat, thousands of broiler chicken meat vendors in 38 traditional markets in Bandung, Indonesia are warning to strike.
Malaysia aquaculture to see rising fish and seafood exports
With steady yearly growth of 15% in Malaysia's aquaculture industry, the country's fish and seafood exports are expected to double.
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China's 2012 winter wheat crop reaches record level
China's winter wheat harvest for 2012, which is 3% higher on-year, has reached record 114.3 million tonnes.
China's meat production grow 5.5%
China produced 39.25 million tonnes of pork, beef, mutton and poultry in the first half of 2012, rising 5.5% against the previous year.
China food safety affected by rising demands for dairy
Surging demand for dairy products in China, during the medial period of the last decade, has caused milk supply shortages, driving suppliers to practices such as milk dilution and adding melamine in products to boost protein readings.
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Canterra, Limagrain agree on advanced wheat commercialisation
An exclusive license agreement for the commercialisation of advanced wheat seed varieties for the cereal grain growers of Western Canada has been agreed between Canterra Seeds Ltd. and Group Limagrain.
Monsanto, DuPont compete over control of popular seed technology
The latest saga in the on-going battle between two agricultural giants, Monsanto and DuPont, began this week, over control of a popular seed technology worth billions of dollars.
AFA Foods sells plants to Cargill and FPL Food
AFA Foods has gained legal approval for the sales of three US-based company facilities, as part of its bankruptcy proceedings.
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